De Leidenlijst Ted Talks


Ted Talks have become a worldwide phenomenon, offering a platform for experts, innovators, and thought leaders to share their ideas and inspire others. De Leidenlijst, a curated list of Ted Talks, stands out as a collection of exceptional talks that touch on various topics.

1. The Power of Vulnerability

In this captivating talk, Brené Brown explores the concept of vulnerability and how it connects us on a deeper level. She shares her research findings on human connection and discusses the importance of embracing vulnerability to truly experience love, belonging, and joy.

2. The Puzzle of Motivation

Dan Pink challenges traditional notions of motivation and introduces the concept of intrinsic motivation. He discusses how autonomy, mastery, and purpose are the key drivers of high performance and engagement, providing valuable insights for leaders and individuals striving for excellence.

3. Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Amy Cuddy sheds light on the impact of body language on our confidence and overall well-being. She shares research revealing how adopting “power poses” for just a few minutes can significantly boost confidence and reduce stress, offering practical tips for harnessing the power of body language.

4. The Art of Misdirection

A magician and mentalist, Apollo Robbins, takes the audience on a captivating journey into the art of misdirection. He reveals the psychology behind attention and perception, demonstrating how our brains can be easily fooled. This talk offers a fascinating insight into the tricks of the mind.

5. The Happy Secret to Better Work

Shawn Achor explores the relationship between happiness and success, debunking the common belief that success leads to happiness. He shares practical strategies to rewire our brains for positivity, ultimately leading to improved performance, creativity, and overall well-being.


De Leidenlijst Ted Talks offers a remarkable selection of talks that cover a wide range of topics, from vulnerability and motivation to body language and happiness. These talks provide valuable insights, inspiring individuals to challenge their perspectives, embrace change, and strive for personal growth. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, knowledge, or simply entertainment, the De Leidenlijst Ted Talks are sure to leave a lasting impact.

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