Do Schools Kill Creativity Ted Talk Questions


“Do Schools Kill Creativity?” is a widely acclaimed TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson. In this thought-provoking presentation, Robinson challenges the traditional education system and its impact on creativity. He argues that schools often prioritize academic subjects over creative pursuits, leading to the suppression of students’ innate creative abilities. As you watch the talk, consider the following questions to delve deeper into the topic and reflect on your own educational experiences.

1. How does Sir Ken Robinson define creativity?

Robinson proposes that creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value. According to him, creativity involves thinking differently, taking risks, and being willing to make mistakes. Reflect on this definition and consider how it aligns with your own understanding of creativity.

2. What examples does Robinson provide to illustrate the decline of creativity in schools?

Robinson shares various anecdotes and examples throughout his talk to highlight the adverse effects of the education system on creativity. Listen closely to these examples, such as his story about the young dancer or the divergent thinking experiment. Analyze how these instances resonate with your own schooling experiences.

3. How does Robinson critique the notion of academic ability?

Robinson argues that the education system heavily focuses on academic abilities, particularly in subjects like mathematics and language. He claims that this narrow emphasis undermines the development of other vital skills, such as creativity and divergent thinking. Reflect on the consequences of valuing academic intelligence over creative intelligence.

4. What role does fear play in the suppression of creativity?

According to Robinson, schools often discourage creativity by instilling fear of being wrong or making mistakes. Reflect on your own experiences and consider how fear of judgment or failure may have affected your willingness to take creative risks in an academic setting. How can schools create an environment that encourages experimentation and embraces failure as a learning opportunity?

5. How can education reform foster creativity?

Robinson advocates for a shift in the education system that places a greater emphasis on nurturing creativity. He suggests valuing and integrating arts, promoting multidisciplinary approaches, and providing opportunities for individualized learning. Reflect on these ideas and brainstorm ways in which schools can create an environment that fosters creativity in students.


Watching Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk, “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”, sparks a critical examination of the current education system and its impact on nurturing creative abilities. By pondering the provided questions, we can start to identify areas for improvement and envision an educational landscape that celebrates and enhances the creative potential of every student.

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